Trimming Service
I can take your problem areas and turn it back to a pleasant looking yard your neighbors will want...
Any size, shape, or problem tree is no problem for us...
Free estimates provided by calling me at (417) 294-2444
What We Do
  1. Tree Removal
    Tree Removal
    Taking a tree down can improve the grass and yard area, especially if the tree has damaged. No more limbs in the yard.
  2. Tree Topping
    Tree Topping
    Improve the amount of shade by topping the tree and allowing it to grow in a different way. This is one of the most popular things I get to do for people.
  3. Tree Trimming
    Tree Trimming
    Trimming the trees in your yard and removing extra lower branches and extra limbs allows the tree to grow faster and improves the look of the property.
Types of Projects
  1. Fence row
    Property owner enclosed an area for some animals and wanted the fence row cleared.......
    Fence row
  2. Fence Corner II
    Here they wanted to leave a few trees between the future road and fence line....
    Fence Corner II
  3. Dead tree
    Tree had died and limbs were falling down. The owner wanted it cut down and all limbs removed from the property. The log is going to be cut up into lumber and used on the barn....
    Dead tree
  4. Storm damage
    Tree blown over onto owner's home. They wanted it removed and hauled off the property.
    Storm damage
  5. Storm damage
    Tree safely removed from house and hauled off the property....
    Storm damage